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Why did I decide to work online? ~ Noreen Martinez

Why did I decide to work online?

Why do I want to work online?

Working online means having more job opportunities.
I want to work online because I:

  • am curious and interested in working online;
  • can choose my client and what work I want to do;
  • don’t need to travel from home to work and cut-off expenses;
  • was advised not to work in urban places because of my body condition which is not suitable for working in places with pollution and it’s not convenient for me.
  • and because I can still earn money even when working at home

I stated many reasons above but it’s also because I don’t want to limit myself and only know what is learned in a classroom. We learn, develop, and train skills as we grow and as a fresh graduate student, it’s just the beginning of my journey. What I am lacking are skills, experience, and exposure. Thus, I want to take this opportunity to learn more, and hopefully what I learn and do can help raise up our economy.

Why is working online especially SEO skills in demand this "New Normal"?

When I first decided to work online, I search and read a lot of information especially its advantages regarding becoming a freelancer –

  • less pressure,
  • flexible in time,
  • I’m the boss,
  • can use different skills to take different clients or jobs and as a millennial, I grew up having a computer and smartphone which makes me tech-savvy than the older generation.

I crave new knowledge, first-hand experience, I want a job that is in my interest with a purpose, and to do something meaningful in life that is why typical office jobs seem like a prison, as there are so many rules and regulations to follow. 

During the battle of the pandemic, having a stable job in the government must be a good decision for the older generations before us, which struck the whole world and economically straitened millions of people. It was a great blessing and coincidence for me that the government-sponsored free training for residents to help us get jobs remotely and in turn gave me an additional pathway to walk through especially in this “New Normal“.

I faced a lot of challenges and difficulty in finding jobs online due to the client’s requirements and my circumstances. So having additional specialization under my belt would be a great help for me as Search Engine Optimization Specialist is in great demand for clients.

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