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Social Media Marketing ~ Noreen Martinez

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

According to Buffer.com, Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and etc. For the purpose of increasing the awareness of the brand, sales, and drive traffic to the website.

But before all of that, there is a need to plan on doing social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Plan

First, is to making your marketing campaign goals. How does your product/service benefit customers? For example is below

Brand AwarenessCreate profiles that will first establish online presence. 
Build a list of potential clients to apply to.
-# of Page likes
-Size of Following 
-# of applications sent.
Lead GenerationTouch base communication with clients
Sales Conversion
Come up with marketing goals by filling up the table above

Second, who is your ideal client persona?

To make your own ideal persona, you can create one using Hubspot

Third, you and your target clients

• Age • Number of employees •  Social needs•  Personality• Power
• Education  • Revenue size  • Cultural needs• Values• Policies 
• Ethnicity  • Industry  • Attitudes• Influence
• Gender  • Number of  locations  • Interests• Decision- making process
• Geography• HQ• Communities
• Lifestyle

Fourth, make a hallmarks for fascinating brand. You are a fascinating brand if you:

  • Provokes strong & immediate emotional reactions.
  • Creates advocates
  • Becomes “Cultural Shorthand” for a specific set of  Actions or Values.
  • Incites Conversation
  • Forces competitors to realign around it.
  • Tap Into (or Even Causes) Social Revolution.

Fifth, you need to know how to calculate conversion rates

Lastly, to do what is in the “Social Media Strategies”

Social Media Strategies


To DO’sFacebook Contest DON’t
Share Reviews  (screenshot)Require the sharing of Facebook Page
Create an Event (add map/directions, invite 500)Require sharing of Post on Timeline
Use GroupsRequire to Like a Page
Share Local ContentRequire participants to tag themselves
Mention/ Tag People, Businesses, Events, Groups
Create polls
Regular Facebook Live
Promote coupons /giveaways  
Onsite promotion
Study demographics  
Schedule posts  
Join Forces with others


To DO’s
Retweet & Featured Endorsement
Monitor Mention
Customer Service
Offer benefit /deal
Post regularly
Interact with other brands
Capitalize on trends /memes
Build regular interaction
Use emoji and gif
Participate in chat
Be an industry resource
Share event developments


To DO’s
Optimize your Profile  
Blog on LinkedIn Customer Service
Post regularly  
Join LinkedIn Meetups 
Connect with  Industry Peers
Be an industry resource
Share event developments
Check your analytics
Create a Company Profile or Pages


To DO’s
Content specialization  
Post regularly
Add Subtitles
Collaborate with Peers /Brands


To DO’s
Content themes
Put the effort in captions
Use hashtags /geolocation
Use Stories  
Don’t hard sell
Motivate with quotes aligned to you.
Post regularly
Switch to Business Profile
Partner with Influencers / Brands
Host Contest

*Digital Marketing, if done right, should connect you to the 20% who will give 80% of your desired revenue.

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