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Search Engine Optimization ~ Noreen Martinez

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique to earn the top rank in the search results without paying a penny. In SEO, you have to post relevant content on your website to ranking higher in the search results. It takes longer to crawl up the search page, but the results stay longer too. Being an expert in the SEO industry can you only be acknowledged as an SEO Specialist.

Search Engine Optimization vs Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) ‘aka’ Search engine advertising is a marketing strategy that helps increase a website’s visibility in search engines through Ad promotion and optimization. With SEM, you pay Google to run your ads on the search results to attract people to your website. It is the most effective way of increasing sales by generating more traffic.

SEO and SEM are techniques that come hand-in-hand in running effective digital marketing campaigns. These can be stand-alone, but the results may not be as effective.

SEO Elements


3 R’s of SEO

Research the exact keywords potential customers are using to find products and services. It is how the content of a website responds to the keywords used in Search.This is how Google values your site based on relevant keywords.

SEO Job Opportunities

SEO AUDITPertains to the process of evaluating a website’s search engine friendliness. 
Is the website SEO-compliant?
Technical SEOPertains to the website’s technical details which may include but not limited to the following :
Crawling, Mobile Performance, Optimized page load speed, Site Architecture, Page Speed, Indexation, XML  Sitemaps, Robot.txts
SEO WRITINGSEO Writing is a type of writing that focused on getting the attention of search engines and humans using a target keyword.
META WRITINGAn SEO meta description is an alternate text that provides a brief description of a content or web page.
LINK BUILDINGLink building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your site:
Blog Commenting, Forum Posting, Guest Blogging, Resource Link Building, Broken Link Building, Competitor Link Building, Niche Edit or Curated Link
SEO TRAININGProviding courses and/or teach SEO to others.


  • Brand- represents a certain offer, product, service, or message that a business wants to let their target audience know.
  • Optimize- make the most out of something.
  • Crawling- The process by which search engines discover your web pages.
  • Follow– The default state of a link, “follow” links pass PageRank.
  • Search engine– An information retrieval program that searches for items in a database that match the request input by the user. Examples: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Keywords– Words that are used to trigger a search. 
  • Index– A huge database of all the content search engine crawlers have discovered and deem good enough to serve up to searchers.

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