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How to Get Hired in the Freelancer Industry ~ Noreen Martinez

How to Get Hired in the Freelancer Industry

Do you know when to claim yourself as a freelancer? To get hired as a freelancer, you should check my blog first before you continue. As an aspiring freelancer, you should know and have the basic things mentioned in the toolkit. By then we can now officially start making your freelancer account.

Freelancer platform
Social Media Accounts for Branding

Freelancer Platforms to Sign Up

You must be honest in creating your freelancer account but make it also unique. Select your own niche and put any best work you’ve down in your portfolio to appeal to your prospective clients. The following list will be a good platform to start with to get hired as a freelancer:

Of course, there’s a lot more freelancer platform but choose what platform are you comfortable working with. Even if there’s a freelancer platform you should not limit yourself in this. You know the word – Think outside of the box. Sometimes, especially newbies will have a hard time getting a client but don’t be passive and depressed. There are a lot of jobs you can get on the Social Media page. You can take the time to search for any job there. But don’t forget to be polite and cautious when dealing with people on the internet.

Getting a job

After setting up your freelancer account, you can now search for your prospective client and jobs. Make a good and unique proposal to send them. If they are interested in hiring you, they should be reaching out don’t spam them with your messages. After you became their candidates for the job post, they will set up an interview – a phone call but most likely a video interview. Make sure you are neat and comfortable to look at. Of course, passing the interview is not the beginning, depending on what job, the prospective client will give you a simple test so you better do your best to pass it.

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