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An Introduction to Freelancer ~ Noreen Martinez

An Introduction to Freelancer


On my first blog, I pointed out my reasons why I decided to work online. This time, I will introduce you to what a freelancer is.

A freelancer is an independently employed individual who offers their services to multiple or selected clients using their skills. There is no limit in age whether you can become a freelancer or not. Most clients do not need a so-called degree and certificates. In fact, anyone can become a freelancer as long as they have the skills and credibility.

Of course, for a newbie freelancer, it will be hard to get clients when you do not have experience so I encourage you to learn more and brush up your skills. There is a lot of potential in this industry.

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Freelancer

Before we start, you should know what is the jobs PROS and CONS:

No need to commute or move homes just to be closer to work. Willing to work at shifting hours
Save on food, fare, and allowanceSpend working time, mostly alone, and talk to peers online.
Unlimited earning potentialWhen you start handling a good number of online jobs, your social life will also be affected.
Flexible work schedule: take time offs when needed.You can lose projects. Hence the need to be actively seeking opportunities.
No boss looking over your shoulder when you work.You may also fail to meet client expectations at times. Thus the need to recover from it.

It takes a lot of time to become a full-time freelancer and beginners has low income at the start due to lack of experience but if you diligently do your job and your clients will see that then it will not be hard for you later.

Are you now ready to become a freelancer?

If you decided to start and to become a freelancer, the toolkit below will surely be of help to you:

Curriculum VitaeComputer PC or LaptopBank AccountBrandingEmail (Gmail)
Best works showcaseCamera, Headset, etc.PaypalYour Service OfferFile storage (Google Drive/ Dropbox)
Mobile phoneGCashProject Management
(Basecamp, Asana or Trello)
Internet connectionPayoneerCustomer Relationship Management CRM
Backup storage & Backup powerCoins.phPhoto Editing (Canva)

Of course, we cannot forget to make Social Media Accounts and by accounts – I mean, to separate your personal and work account.

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